Couscous Legumes


1 kilo couscous
a pinch of salt
┬╝ cup of oil
Enough water to evaporate the couscous
Approximately one kilogram of meat
Large onion
3 carrots
2 turnip kernels
Green and red pumpkin
Hummus cup
Rubbed tomato
You can add other vegetables
Ginger spoon
Spoon of cinnamon
A tablespoon of salt
A fermentation spoon


First, we put the meat in the coke and add only half a cup of oil, salt, cinnamon, a little more, and kharkoum and saffron. We fry well over a long fire. Then we add onions and stir from time to time until the whole harmonizes, and add other spices and enough boiling water..and chickpeas and close the cockout until the meat smells delicious. We add the vegetables, a crushed tomato, a spoonful of tomato concentrate, and a bunch of metalus, then let all continue cooking.

As for the couscous, it is evaporated in three stages. In the first place we put salt and oil and sprinkle the couscous well, then put it in the couscous to evaporate, then return it to the bowl or bowl and sprinkle it with water and return it to evaporate. We repeat the same thing for the third time and brush it with olive oil and serve.

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