Flan caramel


sauce caramel
1 cup Granulated sugar
4 tablespoons Water
8 Room temperature eggs
4 cups Full cream milk (it can be 2 cups milk + 2 cups soft labneh cream)
a cup Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Extra (liquid or fresh, fine powdered type, a pinch of orange zest or very fine lemon, or a pinch of coconut to prevent eggs from rancid).


We prepare a frying pan and put the cup of sugar in it with 4 large spoons of water and raise it on a medium heat, then stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar melts and turns into light golden caramel, and here we remove the pan from the fire immediately so that the sugar does not burn and becomes dark (because here it is not healthy at all It is not used at all).
We prepare Pyrex molds or pottery or any molds intended for making flan (cream caramel) and put in a tray with slightly high edges oven baking (small molds or a large mold), then we prepare the caramel sauce and put a large spoon in each mold
We prepare the eggs, combine with sugar, beat a little, then add the milk, and beat with the electric beater (possible with the hand mixer).
Continue whisking until the mixture becomes crisp, then add vanilla and stir (note: you can add other flavors with vanilla, such as a little coconut or a grain of orange or lemon zest, as I explained earlier).
Pour the mixture into the molds over the caramel sauce.
Here, after completing the mixture of flan (cream caramel) in the molds, we enter the tray into the oven, then bring hot water and pour the bottom of the molds into the tray so that it reaches a quarter of the molds, then close the oven door, and the temperature is over 150 in the oven in which there is a fan or 170 in a regular oven, and leave until the cream is caramelized completely, about an hour, and we test by placing a knife in the center. If it comes out without any liquid in it, the cream is caramel cooked.
After it has matured and the face has become golden red, leave it until the heat subsides, then put it into the refrigerator until it cools completely
We take out from the refrigerator, and press the letters of the mold onto a light hand, then put a plate or plate on the face of the mold and turn the plate over, and the cream cake will go down like this and the caramel sauce will be around it, and served.

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