An easy and fast dessert prepared in minutes, with an incredible , irresistible taste.


The first layer:
The second layer:
2 tablespoons of top sugar
The last layer;
Half a liter of milk
2 tablespoons of starch “can be replaced with flour”
2 tablespoons of top sugar
Cream cheese “optional”


We take Oreo biscuits, the quantity is according to taste, chop them until they become a little smooth, put a tablespoon of it as a first layer in the serving cups, then after that we take the peaches, peel them, then cut them and add sugar to them, grind them with the hand blender, until they become smooth, you can use Other fruits the same way.

Pour a little peach juice on the biscuit layer, leave a little juice for decoration, then put another Oreo biscuit layer

In the cooking pot we add milk, sugar, starch, and vanilla, mix them on the cold, then put them on a medium heat, while continuing to stir, until the mixture is heavy, remove it from the fire, cream cheese can be added, if it is available to you, it can be replaced With pieces of white chocolate, mix them well, then pour them into serving cups, at the end, decorate with peach juice, in the form of a circle in the middle, and with half a grain of oreo, the decoration remains optional.

We let it cool at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator until it cooled down, after which it progressed with health and wellness

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