How to make Basbousa


Two cups of semolina flour.
Two cups of yogurt. A cup of sugar.
A quarter cup of corn oil.
Three tablespoons of grated coconut.
A small spoon of baking powder.
A quarter of a teaspoon of salt.
To decorate with pistachios or almonds, peeled and cut in half


We prepare a large plate and put semolina flour, grated coconut, added to sugar and baking powder, and then sprinkle a small amount of salt on it with one plate and stir the ingredients well.
Gradually add a quarter cup of oil and two cups of milk to the mixture, and knead well with your hands until it becomes a soft dough.

You can replace yogurt with two cups of warm milk, add the juice of one lemon, and leave for two hours, after which it can be used like milk.

Grease the tray with a little oil or any greasy substance, then put the mixture in it and spread it out so that its thickness does not exceed 2 cm, and we work to balance its surface by hand until it becomes even and not bumpy. We put it to rest about fifteen minutes before baking it in the oven.

Baking method After fifteen minutes have passed, put the tray in the oven on a medium temperature. And for a period of thirty minutes, where we roast it from the bottom and make sure every period of ensuring its ripeness, then we roast the face from above, and pour it directly on it while it is hot in diameter so that the syrup is cold or warm until well penetrated.

Chop the basbousa after spreading it in the tray in the shape we want, and on each piece we add a grain or two of regular pistachios or almonds.

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