Simple and fast dinner idea .. The quick potato turtia without oven is awesome


04 potatoes
05 eggs
01 chopped onion
02 cloves of garlic
02 tablespoons of coriander and minced minerals
Chopped cheese
black pepper
Green olives cut into circles


In a frying pan on the fire put the onions, add the chopped garlic, a little black pepper and salt and let it cook a little, then remove it from over the heat
In a bowl, put eggs, salt and black pepper and whisk well
Add the coriander and chopped mineral, green olives, onions, potatoes and chopped cheese and mix well
Grease the pan with butter, then pour the mixture and spread it along the length of the pan and place it over a low heat and cover it with a lid until it is cooked from the first side
We turn it over to the other side and put it back over the fire to cook on both sides
We remove it from the pan and present it in a thousand here and the verge

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