Pastries in 15 min


For cream
400ml Milk = 2 cups
2 Spoons or 3 sugar +2 vanilla bags
2Spoons powder cream Patisserie
For dough
500 g flour
A cup and a half of warm milk
One-third of the cup is oil
Salt + sugar + yeast
White egg (optional)
125 g margarine for securitization
Dry grapes for garnish


We prepare the cream first and leave it to cool
We knead the dough and divide it into 8 pieces
We spread out a piece and fill it with margarine and cover it with another piece
When all the pieces are done we roll the dough into a square shape, then fill it with patisserie cream
Then you begin to roll the dough
Then you start cutting the dough with a thread (use the string to cut) Try to cut it thickly in thickness
Then we anoint the preparation vessels with butter and put the circles in them that we cut, leaving them to ferment
We put them in the oven, then take them out when we see them start to flush, then let them cool down

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