Caramel ice cream cake

Salted caramel ice cream cake singapore is easy to prepare with homemade caramel, lets go prepare it step by step,

Also there is recipe for preparing caramel in home :


1 sweet whipped cream powder or mousse vanilla powder
1.4 liters of milk
Caramel flavor
4 tablespoons of sugar


Mix vanilla mousse powder with a fourth cold milk
And the caramel contains a cup of sugar, melt, to change the color, we add the natur yaourt on it, and add to it, a spoonful of butter, cocoa, concaci, we leash it until it cools a little.
I took the mall and wrapped it with food plastic, we put the mousse, then the caramel. in the ends we put the reset of the mousse returned and we put it in the freezer for more than 3 hours or a full night. It is possible in the same way to grow the mousse with strawberry or chocolate or any flavor dear to you and mix it with chocolate particles or Oreo …. etc. and for health and comfort

Dont forget the recipe to prepare caramel in home :

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