Caramel sauce


1 cup sugar (200 grams)
One and a half tablespoon of butter a cup of milk
(200 ml) one tablespoon of starch, dissolved with two tablespoons of milk
Pinch of salt


We put a large pot over a medium heat and let it heat up, and then we add sugar only without water and its relative, and the first thing that starts to caramelize from below and takes a color from the sides, we turn it over with a wire beater, and the first thing that takes a medium golden color is the pure fire. The most important need is to turn a cup so that there are no lumps.

After sugar, add the butter and turn over a cup until the butter is thawed.
Add the hot milk to the mixture and stir to some extent the ingredients mix with each other, then add the milk and starch mixture and stir until we get the desired consistency, and then add a pinch of salt and turn it over well, even if I feel that it has lumps in it, you can mix it with a hand blender or in a mixer.

Pour the caramel into an airtight jar, place a nylon bag over the caramel top, cover it with the jar’s lid, and let it cool down.

You can keep the caramel sauce in the refrigerator or freezer for 3 weeks.
Caramel sauce is usually used in different types of desserts and is used in preparing some types of pies, with a very distinctive taste, and it can be used in decoration so that it is placed over many types of tart, gateaux and ice cream, and it can be used in iced juice or various cold drinks.

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