Chicken wings in the oven


1 kilogram of chicken wings or small chicken thighs
A tablespoon of tomato sauce
A tablespoon of lemon juice
A tablespoon of mustard
A teaspoon of crushed garlic
A teaspoon of dry coriander powder
1 teaspoon paprika (sweet red pepper powder) (optional)
Half a teaspoon of ginger powder
Half a teaspoon of thyme
Salt and black pepper


Wash the chicken wings or thighs with water and a little salt, rinse them well with water and set them aside. Then prepare the marinade, bring a bowl and put tomato sauce, lemon juice, mustard, crushed garlic, coriander powder, paprika, ginger, thyme, then salt and black pepper, mix these ingredients well until you get a homogeneous sauce, then season with the chicken wings and then put them in Fridge for 4 hours or more.

After that, cook the chicken wings in the oven on a medium temperature for 40 minutes, after the chicken wings are cooked, serve hot with tomato sauce, potato salad with olive oil or a rice salad with vegetables.

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