Lemon cream cake


4 eggs
120 g butter
150g sugar
150g flour (depending on the mixture)
Lemon peel
2 dessert yeast
Spoon almond powder
A tablespoon of lemon juice
Lemon cream:
1 egg
50g sugar
Lemon juice and peel
15g butter


Prepare the cream: Mix the eggs and sugar well until white, then add the lemon juice and the crust
Put them on a long fire or in a water bath with constant stirring until the mixture is complicated, then add the butter and mix
We prepare the cake: mix the butter well until it softens
We add two thirds of the sugar and mix
We add yellow eggs and mix well
Beat the egg white well with the remaining sugar
Add the flour and yeast to the yellow of the eggs, then add the almond powder, the crust and the lemon juice. Mix all well. Mix the two mixtures with some at a time.
Pour two-thirds of the cake mixture, then pour the cream mixture (we keep the rest), then cover the rest of the cake mixture and put it into the oven
When taking it out of the oven, decorate it with sugar glaze and the preserved cream

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